5th - Jesse Dochow
    16th - Tony Duncan
    34th - Gary Boisen
    38th - Chris Martin
    38th - Connely Lytton

    19th - Katherine Fitch
    36th - Sherri Berry
    36th - Lori Kennedy
    39th - Leanna Hinkley
    39th - Jennifer Holley
    51st - Michelle Donham

    Katherine Fitch & Jesse Dochow will be representing the WDA at the National Qualifier in Clevland, OH on May 5th, 2017.

  • 1st Place: Bomb Squad
    2nd Place: Rich's Bullshooters
    3rd Place: Rats
    League Champions: Scott Thompson high average 18.93 and Leanna Hinckley high average 13.31
    Ton80: Dan Briley and Guy Hale
    Ton71: Stephen Terrones
    White Horse: Kyle Holford and Lori (Speedy) Kennedy
    High Out 125: Lori (Speedy) Kennedy
    High In (301) 144: Mike Seeley
    Red Bull Out: Speedy Kennedy, Chad Pallor and Guy Hale
    Cricket Nine Count: Tony Duncan

About The Wichita Dart Association

Our Mission:

The Wichita Dart Association (WDA) has been a premier organization for the promotion of the sport of darts in Wichita and the South-Central region of Kansas since 1980.

The WDA schedules a mixture of local and national based events throughout the year. The local events allow our league members to enjoy the game of darts at all ages and skill levels. The national events allow participants the chance to play on a higher skilled and competitive level and earn points towards their National Rankings.